Solidarity Tourism and Sustainable Development

For Couleurs Malgaches it is essential that tourism participates in the development of the country visited and its inhabitants. Company of Malagasy law Couleurs Malgaches hires, trains and follows the careers of its employees, 90% of whom are of Malagasy nationality.

As for its Couleurs Malgaches team, it selects its service providers carefully and ensures that they respect not only the working conditions of their employees but also pay particular attention to respecting the environment.

We insist on the following criteria:

  • Hiring local employees: their training and career development
  • Access to health services for them and their families
  • Choice of local and seasonal products
  • Use of renewable energy for electricity and hot water
  • Reforestation actions
  • Civic education courses to change habits harmful to the environment (cultivation on burning and use of charcoal)
  • Financing of solar ovens
  • Sorting of waste
  • The use of reusable bags

The implementation of concrete actions so that the premises are the first beneficiaries of the development of tourism in their region such as Colors Malgaches has done with the construction of a school canteen in a rural village of Nosy Be with the assistance of Authorities.

It is within the framework of these exchanges and this sharing that we envisage the perpetuation of tourism in Madagascar.