Safari Whale

Madagascar in general and Sainte-Marie in particular are a privileged place to be able to contemplate and admire the biggest marine mammals that come every year to reproduce and put down in the lagoon of Sainte-Marie! To witness this unique spectacle is undoubtedly one of the strongest moments that one can live! It is possible to go on a whale safari during this period of your hotel in order to admire these mastodons of the seas and bring back unique shots!

It is also possible to join the association CETAMADA to work and participate in the preservation of these fabulous animals!

But if Sainte-Marie is the place where one encounters the most whales; These are also present and visible at Nosy be, Mahajunga, Tulear, Fort Dauphin, Maroantsetra and Mahambo.

In Sainte-Marie we recommend the Princess Bora Lodge ****