Madagascar is an island whose area is equivalent to one and a half times France offers climates and varied landscapes allowing travel almost all the year!

The dry season (Austral Winter) starts in April and ends at the end of November

The Humid season (Australian Summer) starts in November and ends in May
The South of the Island of Fort Dauphin in Ranohira, characterized by a warm semi-desert dry climate, which is only slightly affected by the precipitation!

It nevertheless gets very hot from December to March!
The high plateaux of Antananarivo in Fianarantsoa, ​​cities of altitude reaching 1400 meters remain temperate during the summer and can become cold during the winter months (10 ° c) in July and August!

The north and east of Madagascar: Diego Suarez, Nosy be and Tamatave offer a humid tropical climate with lush vegetation and higher rainfall than other parts of the island!

The summer is hot and humid with a peak in January and February and the winters very temperate (around 25 °)